Quality European Products


Along with bread, cake and pastries, we also offer a wide spectrum of imported goods, more common items you would see in Europe.

Facial creams, Nivea, Body lotions, Shower gels, Melkfet, Melissengeist, Silca Herbal toothpaste, deodorants, foot and bath products from  Ombra & Fa. Along with German greeting and birthday cards suitable for all occasions.

Bechtle Noodles, Canned Herrings, Lowensenf & Kuhne mustards, Knorr salat dressings & Sauces, Manner cookies, Niedergger/Schluckwerder Marzipan, Tchibo Coffee, red/green cabbage, saurkraut, Kuhne & hengstenberg pickels, Rittersport chocolates, Panni Dumplings & Brant Zwieback.

We have a wide variety of imported smokers (Raeuchermaennchen) originally from Erzgebirge Germany. These are unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-carved wooden figurines with incense inside. When used, they give off an aromatic scent of sandal wood or pine or a unique christmas scent.